SERNEC Network Herbaria - Kentucky

University Herbarium Name Contact Phone Fax
Asbury College Asbury College Herbarium Kentucky
Berea College Berea College Herbarium Ralph Thompson
Science, Room 202, CPO 2121
Berea, Kentucky 40404
Eastern Kentucky University Eastern Kentucky University Herbarium Dr. Ronald Jones
Department of Biological Sciences
Memorial Science 170
Richmond, Kentucky 40475
Georgetown College Georgetown College Herbarium Kentucky
Morehead State University Morehead State University Herbarium Allen Risk
Biology Department
103 Lappin Hall
Morehead, Kentucky 40351
606-783-2945 606-783-5002
Murray State University Hancock Biological Station Herbarium Kentucky
Murray State University Murray State University Herbarium Kentucky
Northern Kentucky University John W. Thieret Herbarium of Northern Kentucky University Dr. Maggie Whitson
Biological Sciences Department
Natural Science Center (SC) 204D
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099
Western Kentucky University Western Kentucky University Herbarium Larry Alice
Department of Biology
1906 College Heights Blvd. #11080
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-1080
270-745-7029 270-745-6856